BAY LEAF CHOCOLATE fresh bay leaves with chocolate chips

CALAMANSI CREAM Philippine lime, sweet and tart

CÀ PHÊ-MISU (G) mascarpone-marsala base, savoiardi, Vietnamese coffee syrup, cocoa

CHOCO MALLOW FLUFF dark chocolate base, soft and pillowy layers of 'mallow fluff

CHOCOLATE SOBA CHA milk chocolate, roasted Japanese buckwheat tea

DURIAN DURIAN creamy durian pulp with a hint of lime zest

FLAT WHITE bold Jet Fuel espresso, thin layer of sweet cream

GINGER SEA SALT CARAMEL fresh ginger, salted caramel swirl

HONEYCOMB CANDY honeycomb/sponge toffee candy folded into a sweet cream base

LEMON POPPY PISTACHO (N) fresh lemons, poppy seeds, pure pistachio paste

MALTED MILK (G) smooth, notes of toasted barley/cereal

MAJICHA BROWNIE (G) matcha and hojicha tea with brownie bits

O’TARRAGON fresh tarragon and orange, tarragon olive oil

PINK GUAVA COCONUT SORBET (V) light, creamy, tropical flavour

PISTACHO (N) pure and creamy pistachio

QUESO FLAN custard base, blend of cheeses, sugar syrup     

SKYR IT UP Icelandic style yogurt, persimmon jam

TOAST (G) sourdough bread base, Seville orange marmalade

UBE FLAN Filipino purple yam, coconut custard, sugar syrup

UNO DOS TRES LECHES (G) dulce de leche, sponge cake
pieces, hint of cinnamon

VANILLA rich, classic Madagascan vanilla